Partnering - Teaching Skills Series with Erika Linton Groff


Saturday, August 26th



In this class you will learn to use your hands to more effectively and swiftly bring your clients to their most powerful experience of Pilates.  When we use our hands in conscious, clear, and practiced ways they have the power to deliver ten times as much information in a single instant as our best words can convey in a whole lesson.  Often, we feel shy, unsure, or just don’t know where to begin.  In this edition of our Teaching Skills series, Erika will give you some general pointers about how to partner well and then we will practice some of her best partnering tricks on each other so that you can leave feeling confident and ready to bring this skill to your clients!  Bring your teaching to the next level by using the powerful tool of partnering in every lesson you teach!

The Pilates Workshop
2600 Judah St, SF, 94122

Pre/Post Natal Pilates Teacher Training with Erika Linton Groff

January 13th, 2:00-6:00PM and January 14th, 1:00-5:00PM

$350 for both days

$200 for one day

The 40 weeks that a woman spends carrying a child is a time of dramatic and speedy physical changes. Women find support from their Ob-Gyn or Midwife for many aspects of their health during this time. But the structural changes that happen to their pregnant bodies are something that we as Pilates teachers are uniquely suited to help them navigate with ease and without pain! In this workshop, you will learn about the usual physical shifts that a pregnant body experiences as well as some special circumstances that you may encounter. And we will explore in depth how the Pilates method can be used most effectively, including important modifications and safety considerations, to help mothers-to-be move well. In addition, Pilates can be usefully employed to help women approach their labor and childbirth with a powerful belief in their own strength, connection, and confidence. Working with expectant women is a particularly fulfilling opportunity in our role as Pilates teachers. Join us to learn how to serve your prenatal clients in a highly effective, safe, and enjoyable way.

The Pilates Workshop
2600 Judah St, SF, 94122

Weekly Pilates Symposium: Anatomy and Teaching Tools for Pilates Teachers

Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am*

Ideal for Pilates instructors and trainees looking to deepen their understanding, practice, and teaching of the Classical Pilates Method. Each weekly session will hone in on an important teaching skill for the five major areas of the body - the breath, spine, pelvis, shoulder/upper quadrant, and the foot/ankle. Students will be offered instruction and teaching demonstrations with the opportunity to practice skills on one other and receive feedback from our master teachers. 

This is a great way to begin developing essential teaching skills and to refine skills you may already be using with your clients. Developing and enhancing these abilities can be the key to helping your clients break through barriers in their learning.

Erika Groff, PMA-CPT & 
Kathleen McDonough, MA, PT, PMA-CPT

$40 drop-in
5-pack: $175
10-pack: $325


*Our symposiums are currently on break and will continue in the summer. 


All continuing education courses require a 48 hour cancellation notice.  If you do not cancel in advance you will still be charged for the class.