Our Classical Pilates Teachers


Erika Linton Groff, PMA-CPT, Licensed Teacher Trainer

Erika was trained in the esteemed classical tradition of Romana Kyrzanowska by Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel.  She is a teacher of teachers who is sought out by instructors and advanced students from around the country who are looking to take their practice and training to the highest level.  

Erika was first introduced to Pilates as part of her training in classical ballet in 1992.  She continued to practice the work throughout her dance career and became an apprentice to her teachers at Mira Costa College in 1998. As a student and then teacher at the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, Erika completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program in 2002 and The Master’s Program in 2008. She also received her certification from The Pilates Method Alliance in 2008.  In addition, Erika earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado where she also studied anatomy and kinesiology.  

Erika was hand picked to become one of the first Licensed Teachers for The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in 2008. In addition to training teachers at her studio, she offers continuing education workshops at around the country.  She has taught at the annual Pilates Method Alliance Conference and presented workshops at The Pilates Center’s Summer Conference.

Erika opened The Pilates Workshop in 2011 and the studio was selected to be a Licensed Studio for The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program the same year.  In 2015 she  moved the studio to its spacious and beautiful location in the Outer Sunset district.

Erika’s teaching style is firmly rooted in classical Pilates and informed by her knowledge of anatomy, dance, yoga, and mindfulness practices.  She believes whole-heartedly in Pilates as a transformational life practice, capable of creating vibrant health and true wellness in anyone who commits themselves to the work.   

When she’s not in the studio, Erika can be found meditating, practicing yoga, running, or hiking with her husband, their two young children, and dog, Oso.

Aura Fischbeck, PMA-CPT, Senior Teacher

Aura completed her Pilates teacher training through The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO, and has been teaching the Pilates Method since 2003. Her interest in Pilates as an exercise, rehabilitation, and mind/body integration technique evolved out of her background as a dancer and continues to be informed by and inform her dance training.

As an instructor she aims to meet each individual client wherever they are in their fitness or skill level, and custom design an appropriate workout experience for each client. Her emphasis is on breathing, proper alignment and healthful technique, creating lasting positive effects beyond the studio and into everyday life. 

Aura Fischbeck was introduced to the Pilates Method by her long time mentor Cara Reeser, while attending college at the Naropa University. While at the Pilates Center of Boulder she had the great fortune to study closely under the mentorship of Amy Alpers, Rachel Segal, Deborah Kolwey and Kim Haroche (among others).  Since relocating to San Francisco in 2003 she has taught at a number of spaces throughout the Bay area. She has also done many continuing education studies with esteemed teachers such as Amy Alpers, Rachel Segal, Deborah Kolwey, Cara Reeser, Amy Lange, Blossom Leilani Crawford and with Kathy Grant through Pilates on Tour. She is honored to currently work as an advisor and examiner as part of the Pilates Center of Boulder teacher training program at the Pilates Workshop. In 2014 Aura completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training program under the tutelage of Cara Reeser. Aura also completed The Pilates Center Master's Program in the fall of 2015.

In addition to teaching Pilates, Aura continues to cultivate an active presence in the SF Bay area dance and performance community, creating and presenting her choreography locally and nationally, teaching and working as a performing artist with some amazing Bay area artists. 

Susanne Staehr, PMA-CPT, Licensed Teacher Trainer

Susanne began her Pilates studies in 1995 as a compliment to her dance training and continued to practice extensively throughout college. She earned a BFA in Dance Performance from The Ohio State University in 1999, and one year later completed the Advanced Pilates Teacher Training Program at the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, CO. In 2010 she completed the Master’s Program and went on to become a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center’s teacher training program. She teaches their lecture series, advises trainees and gives educational symposiums and teaching clinics at The Pilates Workshop of San Francisco, CA. She co-founded and operated The Pilates Place in Jackson, Wyoming, has given workshops and lessons in New York City, Italy, Colorado, Wyoming and California. Susanne explores various bodywork modalities and movement practices to deepen her perspective on the human body and inform her teaching.  Along with teaching at the The Pilates Workshop, she also teaches downtown at The Pilates Collective.


Mollie Rose, Certified Teacher

Mollie has been a student of movement for her entire life. As a dancer she was introduced to the Pilates basics early on but wasn't until a hip injury limited her activities that she became a serious student. Years later this passion morphed into a desire to teach and share the transformative power of Pilates with others.

The Pilates Center at Boulder was the perfect fit but she was not interested in leaving San Francisco, the city that had nurtured her though her recovery and become her home. As luck would have it she was able to complete her studies at The Pilates Workshop, a licensed teaching studio for The Pilates Center, and became a Classical Pilates Teacher. Mollie also serves as an advisor for current students of The Pilates Center teacher training program at The Pilates Workshop.


Lisa Owens, Certified Teacher

Lisa is a former professional dancer and dance teacher, Lisa turned to Pilates to get back in condition after several years at a desk job. She discovered so many benefits of the Pilates method that she wanted to share her experience with others. She competed the Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO in 2009, and has taught Pilates in San Francisco and in communities along the Coast. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Julia Carcich, Certified Teacher

Julia started doing Pilates in 2013 after a friend suggested it as a great way to get in shape. But she quickly realized the method could offer her more and she steadily increased her number of sessions per week. She was hooked!  

After regularly practicing Pilates for two years, she decided the next step was to become an instructor. Not only did she want to make her own practice stronger, but also bring the health, joy and peace she found through Pilates to others. After over one year of study in the Classical Pilates method, Julia completed The Advanced Teaching Training Program in 2016 at The Pilates Workshop, a licensed teaching studio for The Pilates Center.

Julia lives in San Francisco with her husband, two pugs and a cat. Besides Pilates, Julia enjoys staying active by going on urban hikes.

Nicole Lancie, Certified Teacher

Nicole became a Pilates student when she was fired from a job and desperately searching for something to ease her shame, self-doubt and uncertainty. Pilates quickly became her source of power and inspiration. She learned to focus her mind, ease outer chaos with her breath, and felt happiness emerge from within her body—everything just started to make sense.

Five years later, Nicole left the fashion world to become a Pilates Teacher. She has been teaching as a certified Pilates Teacher for over 5 years. Self discovery mixed with a strong desire to be a great teacher lead her to the world-renowned Pilates Center teacher training program. Nicole completed her advanced studies in Classical Pilates with The Pilates Workshop and was further certified as Classical Pilates Teacher in 2014. Nicole also serves as an advisor for current students of The Pilates Center teacher training program at The Pilates Workshop.

“I’ll make you laugh, support your accomplishments, inspire your future vision of yourself and always teach to your health.”

Katie Bowes, Senior Teacher

Katie was introduced to Pilates through the world of dance in 1998. Her own practice healed a chronic problem with her back. Inspired by her experience, she decided to pursue a career as a teacher. She completed a teacher training program in the classical Pilates method with Michele Larsson of Santa Fe in 2004. She further studied at The Pilates Center of Boulder and graduated from their teacher training program in 2006. Always learning and exploring, Katie has also completed her training in Gyrotonic.

For the last 10 years, she has been traveling, teaching and spreading her enthusiasm for Pilates all over the world. She teaches in three languages. She has taught in many cities in the United States as well as London, Buenos Aires, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain and Paris. Her teaching abroad focused on providing continuing education and workshops for other teachers. Katie believes that the practice of Pilates betters the body and changes lives.


Meredith Hanrahan, Certified Teacher

Meredith grew up in Aspen CO, was raised by two elite athletes and settled her way into the action sports and athletic lifestyle from a very early age. She was first introduced to Pilates in 2003 as a way to enhance her physical performance, and continued as a Pilates practitioner consistently for the next ten years.

Meredith began surfing in 2011, once she moved to the beach in the Bay Area. Pilates began to help her find the suppleness, strength, flexibility, and range of motion that this sport demands. Meredith found The Pilates Workshop in 2014, and started to pursue her health under the guidance of this renowned studio and its infinitely supportive staff. 

After five months of more significant results then anything else to date, and her desire to continue learning, she decided to go forth and sign up for the Advanced Teacher Training Program under the Licensed Teacher Trainers Erika Groff and Susanne Staehr.  Meredith believes Pilates to be the remedy for all challenges that an athlete can be plagued with, physically and emotionally. She could not be more grateful for the Pilates method and what it has brought to her life. Meredith looks forward to being able to share this incredible method with others.

Miriam Damon, Certified Teacher

Miriam was first introduced to Pilates in 2000 as a way to rehabilitate a longstanding hip injury, which Pilates quickly healed. She fell in love with the Pilates Method and decided to purse a career as a Pilates teacher. She completed The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Workshop under the direction of Erika Groff and Susanne Staehr and graduated in 2016. Miriam also brings her experience as a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) and Marriage Family Therapist (MFT). 


Kelly Liekhus, Certified Teacher

Kelly grew up in Redmond, WA, where from a young age, she lived a very active lifestyle. Her passions ranged from running, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, dance and performing arts. After many years of an energetic and lively routine, she settled in a desk job that weaker havoc on her alignment and general health. Kelly started practicing Pilates as a method of pain management, and soon realized it was her calling.

She moved to New York City in 2011 and continued her Classical Pilates practice at re:AB Pilates. There she began her teacher training under the tutelage of Brook Siler and Cary Regan in 2013. In 2015 she moved to San Francisco, and continued her Pilates education with The Pilates Center of Boulder's satellite studio, The Pilates Workshop, under Erika Groff and Susanne Staehr. Kelly has completed combined total of 1300 hours of teacher training, and continues to further her education at workshops and lectures. 

Kelly helps her clients reach their goals through personally designed sessions, and is delighted to give each and every one of them the gift of health that Pilates has given her.