This program is designed for both those who have not taught Pilates before and those who have completed non-classical Pilates training programs who are interested in furthering their training by exploring the classical Pilates system.  Every exercise in the classical method as taught by Romana Kryzanovska to Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel is included in program.  Students are trained to teach everyone and anyone from the first time beginner to the most advanced student.  To enter the program, students must be familiar with Classical Pilates up through the Intermediate level. To graduate from the Advanced Program they must both perform and teach the most advanced level of exercise.

Overview Enrollment Requirements:

  • Passing Level III Performance on Reformer or Mat
  • Injury Free

Orientation - 5 hours

  • New Student Orientation - 3 hours
  • Case Study Orientation - 2 hours

Formal Lectures - 120 hours

  • Each Formal Lecture Series - 60 hours (Attend Formal Lecture Series twice)

Advisor Meetings - 5 hours

  • First Advisor Meeting - 1 hour
  • Second Advisor Meeting - 1.5 hours
  • Third Advisor Meeting - 1.5 hours
  • Fourth Advisor Meeting - 1 hour

Internship - 800 hours
Exams - 20 hours

Full payment of all tuition and fees due:
Enrollment Fee Total: $435 (all non-refundable)

  • Program Evaluation: $80
  • Application Fee: $105
  • Registration Fee: $250

Studio Fee: $500
Tuition: $6,400 + lessons
Exams: $2,100

Program Schedule: 
The Pilates Center Advanced Teacher Training Program is 12 months long. Students should expect to dedicate a minimum of 18 hours per week to their Internship.


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