The Work At Hand

Wednesday, May 8 4pm-6pm
In the Pilates Method we use our points of contact with the equipment as conduits for conveying energy of the spring, into the energy of our bodies; in this workshop we will examine the importance of the hands' points of contact in direct relationship with wrist alignment.  With this focus we will explore how Pilates helps to heal and strengthen hands and wrists and in turn, how proper alignment of the hands and wrists serve to assist, empower and heal the rest of the body. 

A Deeper Look at the Level III Work

Wednesday, May 22 4pm-6pm
This teaching clinic is an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered about exercises in the Level III (Intermediate) syllabus!  We will observe several different bodies perform the exercises in question and learn how to see, coach and modify if needed. Come learn how to move your students beyond the beginning work by gaining the inside perspective of these more complex exercises. Bring all your questions!

Learn How to Teach with Themes

Wednesday, June 5 4pm-6pm
Teaching with a theme is one of the more valuable teaching tools I use to help my students get beyond the choreography.  Using a solid and clear theme allows students to walk away from the lesson owning a movement skill, tailored for their specific body, to use in the other activities of their life.  In this clinic you will learn how to create an effective theme, how to use it with consistency and the art of allowing it to evolve.


All continuing education courses require a 48 hour cancellation notice.  If you do not cancel in advance you will still be charged for the class.