Private Lessons

Receive individualized attention from one of our highly trained teachers while working on the most high quality Pilates apparatus made today.  Whether you are just getting started or have been taking group classes for some time already, a private lesson is guaranteed to advance your practice the next level. For those who are injured or working with other physical limitations, your private lesson will be tailored to your body's specific needs and abilities. Private lessons are also a great way to prepare for a beginning apparatus class or to get strong enough to advance to the next level in your practice.

Duet Lessons

With more individualized attention than a class but the fun of having a buddy, duets are an economical way to get a lot of personal feedback on your Pilates practice. Having a partner is not only fun but also helps to keep your practice on track!  If you don't have a partner in mind, contact our front desk for help in finding one.  We always keep a list of clients looking for duet partners.


Apparatus Classes

To join an Apparatus Classes we require three private lessons to prepare new students to enter the group setting safely. These first 3 Privates are offered at the special rate of $225.


Beginning Apparatus: A beginner level class utilizing all of the classical apparatus, designed to build uniform body development, strength, and flexibility. Offered through Beginner Series!
Beg/Int Apparatus: Beginner exercises done at a more brisk pace with Intermediate level exercises taught at a measured speed.
Intermediate Apparatus: Classes include inversion work on all equipment, flowing reformer workouts, balance challenges on the chair, and powerful upper body strengthening on the wall units.
Int/Adv & Advanced Apparatus: (Instructor approval required)  These classes are for Pilates Teachers, Teacher Trainees, and very experienced Classical Pilates students. 
Mat and Reformer Flow: Our new Reformer and Mat classes are designed to help give you a well-rounded workout that includes both some spring support and some no-spring exercises, which is the way Joseph Pilates originally intended your Pilates practice to consist of.
Ageless Pilates: An all levels class utilizing all classical apparatus. This class is for people who are 50 or older. 

Mat Classes

Beg/Int Mat: A Mat Class for those who are ready to move beyond the fundamentals, pick up the pace a bit, and learn new exercises.
Int Mat: Rhythm and flow increase at this Intermediate Level, building endurance and control in your body.
Int/Adv & Advanced Mat: (Instructor approval required)  These classes are for Pilates Teachers, Teacher Trainees, and very experienced Classical Pilates students.                                                                                                        Fundamental Movement: Pilates exercises are made up of combinations of various fundamental movement skills. In this class, we will work on breaking down the classical Pilates mat exercises into their fundamental components with the goal of refining and improving our technique and understanding of various movement principles. This class is appropriate for any skill and fitness level and is recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of Pilates and work with an attention to detail, alignment and breath. Better Bones and Balance: This class is geared toward people with osteopenia or osteoporosis who need bone strengthening work. The class consists of modified Pilates exercises, resistance/strength building work with small equipment, and balance work.

Corporate Pilates Classes


The Pilates Workshop has a team of highly trained instructors available to teach Pilates mat classes at company offices and events in San Francisco and surround areas.