Our Classical Pilates Studio

The Pilates Workshop is a premier Classical Pilates studio whose teachers offer the Pilates method in its most authentic, powerful, and nuanced form. Our mission is to help you create a body and mind that is the healthiest, strongest, and happiest version of yourself you've ever imagined.

We welcome people of all fitness levels to our Sunset District studio. Pilates is a widely adaptable form, so it's a great fit for people with a variety of goals and physical considerations. We enjoy working with busy professionals seeking an intelligent and stimulating workout, athletes rehabilitating from injury, prenatal and postnatal mothers, fitness aficionados, and everything in between! Please come just as you are.  

The Pilates Workshop is a place where I can choose any of the teachers there and get the best, most knowledgeable Pilates in the city.
— Hahva N., via Yelp

Classical Pilates Teacher Training Program

Speaking of our teachers...ours are quite simply the best you'll find in San Francisco! The Pilates Workshop is a Licensed Studio for the The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program which has been called "The Harvard" of teacher training programs. All of our teachers have undergone over 1000 hours of initial training as part of The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program.  In addition, they each regularly attend high level continuing education with master Pilates teachers, physical therapists, and anatomy experts. Since all of our teachers share the same training background, you'll experience consistency and excellence in the teaching across the board at The Pilates Workshop. This is a truly unique and valuable aspect of our studio!


Gratz Pilates Equipment

Our equipment is the very best classical equipment available today. Gratz Pilates equipment is handmade in New York by the same family that has been making Joseph Pilates original designs for over 40 years. There is a difference and you will feel the unique benefits of this fabulous apparatus from your very first lesson!

My body has been completely transformed through Pilates. If you have ever thought about taking a lesson, you couldn’t find a better place to start.
— Amanda H., via Yelp