Classical Pilates Teacher Training Program

The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program is the most highly respected classical Pilates teacher training program in the world.  Graduates of the program are highly sought after and tend to find multiple job opportunities awaiting them upon graduation.  The Advanced, Intermediate Plus, and Bridge programs each include Formal Lectures with a Licensed Teacher Trainer that offer detailed descriptions of every exercise in the method on all classical apparatus.

Internship hours are the heart of our program and they include observing certified teachers, taking Pilates lessons and classes, practice teaching, completing personal workouts, and a case study. Students are observed and given specific and personalized feedback on their teaching for a total of 14 hours, including final exams.

The Pilates Center teacher training program includes extensive one-on-one mentorship and a depth of understanding of the method that far exceeds its competitors. In addition to teaching the technique of Pilates, the program includes pedagogical training on the art of teaching itself.

If you are interested in receiving the most complete and rigorous classical Pilates teacher training available in the country—the Pilates Center Teacher Training Program is for you!  

The Pilates Workshop’s Teacher Training Program is exceptional. Erika Groff and Susanne Staehr are not only terrifically well-educated on the Classical Pilates repertoire but are also life-long students of the human body and the human condition. Their Pilates training program is comprehensive and rigorous and yet Groff and Staehr remain endlessly compassionate and supportive of each student’s learning experience. Highly recommended!
— Greta Schroeder, Humani Pilates

Teacher Training Program Options

We have several different training programs available, each created to suit students with different goals and availability.

Advanced Program

The most thorough and comprehensive Classical Pilates Teacher Training program offered, this world renowned 950-hour program has been called the "Harvard" of Pilates schools. It's designed for anyone new to teaching Pilates and those who've completed non-classical Pilates training programs who are interested in furthering their training by exploring the Classical Pilates system.  Students are trained to teach through the most advanced level.

Bridge Program

This 500-hour program is designed for those who have already completed another comprehensive teacher training program and are familiar with classical Pilates work. Students are trained to teach through the most advanced level.

Intermediate Plus Program

This 450-hour program is designed for those who have not taught Pilates before and includes training in teaching up through the Intermediate level of the Classical Pilates method.  Exercises on all Classical Pilates apparatus are included. 

Master's Program

The Pilates Center Master's Program supports committed Pilates teachers in taking their continuing education in classical Pilates to the highest level. The program includes 116 hours of advanced workshops (and optionally, internship hours) that assist previously trained Pilates teachers in honing their skills and refining their own Pilates practice. The Master's Program is completed through The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, one of the oldest and most highly respected classical teacher training programs in the world. Pilates teachers of all training backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join! Hours can be completed at The Pilates Workshop in San Francisco, The Pilates Center in Boulder, or many other locations. For a full list of workshops and much more information about the program visit The Pilates Center website.


Erika Groff & Susanne Staehr have always been rockstars in my mind. The wealth of knowledge they have about the human body (inside & out), the Pilates method, and movement made learning a pleasure. Many times I questioned if this was for me, I am not a dancer or really an athlete, I loved the method and knew what it could do for a ‘regular person’ so I kept going. Erika and Susanne were supportive during times of self doubt. They also kept the program real for me, my body and mind; very hands on. What I was able to bring out of the program into my own body, my clients, and my son has served me 10-fold.
— Jeni Vullings, Internal Fire Pilates